Funded Projects

On-going projects:

  • “Reliable and Flexible Teaming of Heterogeneous Autonomous Vehicles,” DoD Army Research Office (ARO), $500,000, 2016, PI.

  • “Data-driven Intelligent Prediction Tool (DIPT),” DOD Test Resource Management Center, $5,300,000, 2016, Co-PI.

  • “Testing, Evaluation and Control of Heterogeneous Large-scale Autonomous Vehicles (TECHLAV),” DoD DAF Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), $5,000,000, 2015, One of the four PIs, Deputy Director and Research Thrust Leader (NC A&T Press release ).

  • “Data Driven Techniques for Testing and Evaluation of Unmanned and Autonomous Systems,” General Informatics Inc (GI), $480,000, 2015, Co-PI.

Completed Projects:

  • “ A Type-2 Fuzzy Inference System Development Toolbox,” Scientific Research Corporation (SRC), $214,950.00, Co-PI.

  • “Developing a Test-bed of Multi-agent Systems,” College of Engineering, North Carolina A&T State University, Drive toward research preeminence program, $96,140, 2013, PI.

  • “Assistive robot for geriatric and handicap application,” College of Engineering Research Equipment Funding, North Carolina A&T State University, $100,176, 2013, Co-PI.

  • “Inference Engine Using Type-2 Fuzzy Sets, Focus on type-reduction,” Scientific Research Corporation (SRC), $36800, Co-PI.

  • “Inference Engine Using Type-2 Fuzzy Sets, Feasibility Study and Concept building,” Scientific Research Corporation (SRC), $75000, Co-PI.