SIPI Students visted the ACCESS LAb


On June 2016, a group of students from Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI), a National Indian Community College, visited the ACCESS Lab and attended several traning sessions and workshops on robotics and Robot Operating System (ROS). This “student mobility” program, sponsered by the TECHLAV Center, aims at involving students from SIPI Community College in researching robotic test-bed development, implementation, and hardware design, and encouraging them to pursue graduate studies. This mobility program also facilitates sharing the resources and the exchange of knowledge between the students and researchers at N.C. A&T and its collborator institutions. The SIPI students that visited the ACCESS Lab on June 2016, will travel back to their home school and will continue working on what they learned at the ACCESS Lab. After one month, they will return back and visit again the ACCESS Lab to recieve a complementary training session. At the end, the the students will present and demonstrate their assigned projects.

A robotic workshop for the SIPI students at the ACCESS Lab.The students are trying to control a UAV in a narrow corridor.The students attended a workshop on controlling a Turtlebot robot using the Robot Operating System.The students were introduced the basic operations of a humanoid robots.